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Welcome to the RevolOcean


SeaFire Kids debut album "Part of this Town" is here, pulling at the heart strings of humanity and stoking the fire of a RevolOcean that's in full swing. Hey, what's a RevolOcean anyway? Well, that's what this blog is here for. To share the stories and work of families and communities that are making waves of justice and love around this crazy world.

Why the Ocean? Ever heard the saying, "go with what ya know." Well, we grew up on the ocean, and come from fishing families, eat lots of seafood, and live and work on the coast. We are fishermen, social justice advocates, and part of a close-knit fishing community. It just so happens that us SeaFire Kids are part of the RevolOcean in our own lives. And here's how:

Russell is a commercial fisherman, who works the weirs of Nantucket Sound. He is a seafood writer, local food enthusiast, and has traveled the world spreading our shared message of food justice, ecological responsibility, community and friendship.

Danielle is a social justice advocate and spiritual journeyer, spreading the message of peace though yoga and laughter. She is the director of Pilgrim's Landing, a special community space in Chatham, MA. Danielle is her own brand of creative juice.

Brett is from a 4th generation fishing family, has worked many long days on his dad's fishing boat and clammed many tides on the flats of Monomoy Island, and is currently the community organizer for the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. The image above is painted on Brett's guitar; it's a bunch of good little fish organized and eating the big bad evil fish. This is what Brett does; he helps family fishermen from around the world fight a big bad corrupt system.

I'm Shannon. I'm a fisherman. I eat, sleep, and breathe all things related to fishing. Russell is the love of my life, my partner in fishing and living. Brett is my childhood friend and his wife Danielle is my friend for life.

We are the SeaFire Kids. We strive to see life through a pure lens: our hearts. The music that we are making comes from our experiences, work, the stories we hear from fishing family friends, and a deep place of love and light. We have joined the RevolOcean, and you can too.

We'll be posting blogs about ways that we can all pitch in to make a better food system, and ways that can help all of us be more mindful as we navigate through this crazy period of history.

Welcome to the RevolOcean friends!



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