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SeaFire Kids debut album "Part of this Town" is here, pulling at the heart strings of the human condition and stoking the fire of a RevolOcean that's in full swing. Hey, what's a RevolOcean anyway? Well, that's what this blog is here for. To share the stories and work of families and communities that are making waves of justice and love around this crazy world.

Why the Ocean? Ever heard the saying, "go with what ya know." Well, we happen to know the ocean, we know fishing, we know seafood, and we know community. We are fishermen, social justice advocates, and part of a close-knit fishing community. It just so happens that we, the SeaFire Kids, are all part of RevolOceanary work in our own lives. And here's how:

Russell is a traditional fisherman, seafood writer, local food enthusiast, and has traveled the world spreading love through heart-felt speeches about community and friendship.

Danielle is a social justice advocate and spiritual journeyer, Danielle is her own brand of creative juice.

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First Night Chatham

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